I am a photographer and artist living in Miami, and for the past 12 years, I've been capturing the beauty of life through my camera lens. I use my camera to bring out the light in my clients and preserve the art of their life.

Whether I'm creating portraits, photographing a family or a chef's delicious food, my goal is always to evoke emotion and tell a story. For me, photography is about capturing the beauty of life and sharing it with others in a meaningful way.

When I'm behind the camera, my goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease. I believe that creating a fun experience is just as important as the final result. My client's joy when they receive their photos is what makes it all worthwhile.

Artist CV | Bio & Artist Statement


Jacqueline Bermudez was born in 1979 in Orlando, FL. She was raised in Caracas, Venezuela and has been living in Miami since 1991. As a child, she was always surrounded by art museums and the cultural world in Venezuela. Her passion for creating art started her senior year in High School. Life took many turns and went in a different direction while she raised a family. She got back to her art in 2016 out of curiosity, brought out her old oil paint tubes and started painting portraits. She was very fortunate to have paintings accepted in three exhibits in 2020. She exhibited at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and the 81st Annual Crocker Kingsley Exhibit at the Blue Line Arts Gallery in California. Since then, she has been dreaming of becoming a full time artist and continuing to expand her practice. She is a self taught painter, primarily using oil but also enjoys watercolors and pencil. Her connection to her practice is very much spiritual and introspective. Her paintings often have bright colors, bold patterns and the use of animals and plants as symbolism for her own personal growth.

Artist Statement

My paintings have slowly been showing me a path back to myself. I have always been interested in the way the human mind works, the way we learn from our experiences and how much we can grow as we become self aware. I am inspired by bright colors and the emotion that rises inside of me when I am looking at a work of art I feel connected to. I am also inspired by the complexity of just being and the incredible opportunity of being on this earth to experience life. I use animals and plants to represent the dance between peace, freedom and chaos.  I also use poses and intensity in the eyes to bring in the attention of the viewer in the hopes they will connect to parts of themselves. 


October 4, 2019 | Solo exhibit at Bodhi Wellness | Miami, FL

September 15 - October 31 2020 | Hear us Roar! Virtual Exhibition | Roaring Artist Gallery

October 31 - November 20, 2020 | Woman Made Gallery | Chicago, IL

January 8 - February 20, 2021 | 88th Annual Crocker Kingsley Exhibit at Blue Line Art | Sacramento, CA

August 16, 2023| Arts to Hearts - Figures and Faces| Virtual Exhibit

September 8-29, 2023 | Miami International Fine Arts | Sumarte Exhibit


2012 2nd Place winner for photography | 8th South Beach Photomarathon | fotomission.org

2013 1st Place winner for photography | 9th South Beach Photomarathon | fotomission.org

2013 Honorable mention for photography | 9th South Beach Photomarathon | fotomission.org